MICE Industry
Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Zone

Energy saving and carbon reduction & net zero emissions

Related initiatives are covered by the budget for Enhancing Economic and Social Resilience and Public Sharing of Economic Achievement in the Post-pandemic Era by the central government. Given the global trend towards net zero emissions in recent years, countries are actively working towards their climate commitments to achieve “net zero emissions” by 2050.
The MICE industry serves as the locomotive of the service industry and should take on a leadership role in implementing sustainable carbon reduction efforts and leveraging its influence to drive related industries to contribute to environmental sustainability.


Carbon Footprint Calculator

To meet the needs of exhibition organizers incorporating sustainability into their conference and exhibition event strategies, the website will feature an intuitive design. Users will only need to input the required data for inventory items, and the total carbon emissions will be calculated. Users can also develop corresponding reduction plans based on the calculation results…

Corporate Decarbonization Evaluation System

This assessment tool assists businesses in self-assessing their current status regarding green investments, energy usage, and greenhouse gas emissions. It references international carbon reduction practices and compiles five priority assessment categories: People, Goods, Food, Land, and Materials. Businesses complete the assessment based on these categories, and upon completion, the online system automatically generates a tailored carbon emissions report.



Handbooks and Guidelines

We offer a Sustainable Exhibition Guide, Sustainability White Papers, and information on international carbon reduction trends for the reference of exhibition industry professionals.